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There may be some transporters, who are not registered under the Goods and Services Tax Act and if such transporters cause the movement of goods for their clients, they are required to generate the e-way bill on behalf of their clients or update the vehicle number for e-way bill. Hence, they need to register on e way bill portal and generate the 15 digits Unique Transporter Id.

The transporter should generate an e-Way bill if,

a. When the value of the goods of a single supplier exceeds 50,000 INR


b. When the value of all the goods in the vehicle exceeds 50,000 INR


When a transporter is unregistered and if the goods in the vehicle exceed 50,000 INR, then the transporter should generate an e-Way bill. In order to avoid confusions, the concept of Transporter ID is introduced. Every unregistered transporter will be provided with a Transporter ID, which they should mention instead of the GSTIN.

By registering on the e-Way Bill portal, the outcome will be

  1. The Transporter gets a unique Transporter ID
  2. A Unique username to work on the e-Way portal

Here step by step guide for unregistered transporter to get the transporter id on EWB Portal

Step 1: Go to e-Way Bill Portal – www.ewaybillgst.gov.in

Step 2: Select “Enrollment for Transporter” links under the Registration and click on the link.

Step 3: Enter the details in the applicant from point 1 to 9. * symbol is a mandatory one. Enter all the required fields in the applicant. In the end, You have to enter the Aadhar of the proprietor or the main person of the company and verify Aadhar using OTP.

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Step 5: Once you upload everything correctly, then the Username field becomes editable. Set a unique Username and password. Tick on the verification checkbox and click save.
Once everything is correct, the system generates 15 digit Transportation ID and displays the same. Transporter should provide the 15 digit transporter ID to the clients for them to enter in the e-way bill to enable the transporter to enter the vehicle number for movement of goods.


If the goods are received from the unregistered suppliers, then the receivers should comply with all the procedures of generating the e-way bill by considering himself as the supplier. The receiver will be one who should generate the e-way bill in case if he is buying the goods from an unregistered supplier.

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