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Generate GSTR-2 Summary

Scroll down to the bottom of the GSTR-2 – Inward Supplies received by the Taxpayer page and click the GENERATE GSTR-2 SUMMARY button. This action will update the summary on the tiles and you will be able to view the number of auto-drafted invoices/ credit note / debit notes etc. on the tile.

3,4A – Inward supplies received from Registered person including reverse charge supplies

1. To view or edit details of inward supplies from registered person including supplies attracting reverse charge received from such registered persons, click the 3,4A – Inward supplies received from Registered person including reverse charge supplies tile.

Modify Invoices added by Supplier:

  1. Click theSupplier’s GSTIN link under Supplier Details column and you will see a list of invoice line items under the “Uploaded by Supplier” tab.

3. Click the Edit button.

4. Edit the invoice details and click the SAVE button. You would be able to edit Total invoice value, Taxable value for various tax rates and ITC eligibility and amount. You cannot modify other details as the recipient of invoice. In case, other filled fields need change, you can reject the invoice and ask supplier to do the amendment.

5. You will be directed to the previous page and a message is displayed that invoice is modified and status changes to MODIFIED. Invoices marked as Modified would reflect in supplier GSTR-1/1A upon filing of GSTR-2 for acceptance, rejection or keep pending the modifications made by you. You may avail ITC on the basis of modified details.

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