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1. To give points of interest of HSN summary of inward supplies / Purchase, click the 13 – HSN summary of inward supplies tile.

2. The 13 – HSN summary of inward supplies page is displayed. Click the ADD DETAILS button to include the information.

3. In the HSN field, enter the HSN code according to pertinent arrangement of detailing HSN code of the inward supplies.

4. In the Description field, enter the portrayal. (Either HSN or Description ought to be obligatorily entered)

5. In the UQC field, select UQC.

6. In the Total Quantity field, enter the quantity.

7. In the Total Value field, enter the aggregate estimation of the inward supply.

8. In the Total Taxable Value field, enter the aggregate assessable estimation of the inward supply.

9. In the Integrated Tax field, enter the incorporated expense of the inward supply/Purchase.

10. In the Central Tax field, enter the focal assessment of the inward supply/Purchase.

11. In the State/UT Tax field, enter the State/UT assessment of the inward supply/Purchase.

12. In the Cess field, enter the cess of the inward supply/Purchase.

13. Tap the ADD button.

14. You will be coordinated to the past page. Here, you can likewise alter/erase the additional solicitations (under Actions).

15. Snap the SAVE button.

The 13 – HSN summary of inward supplies tile in GSTR-2 – Other Details will mirror the quantity of invoices included along with the summary information.

Please click the refresh button ( ) on the top of the screen to ensure quick updating of the summary on the tile.

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