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The Tamil Nadu government announced on Tuesday 5th June 2018 it would ban the use of plastic items, including non-biodegradable carry bags, from January 2019 to “gift a plastic-free” state to future generations.

As per G.O. (Ms) No.84 The Tamil Nadu Govt have decided to issue the following directions imposing the ban on manufacture, storage, supply, sale and use of “use and throw away plastics”.

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List of Plastics Banned in Tamil Nadu:-

  1. Plastic carry bags
  2. Plastic sheets used for food wrapping, spreading on dining table etc..
  3. Plastic plates
  4. Plastic coated tea cups
  5. Plastic tumbler
  6. water pouches and packets
  7. Plastic Straw
  8. Plastic flags irrespective of thickness


1.(a) no industry or person shall manufacture, store, supply, transport.sale or distribute,’use and throwaway plastics’.

(b) No person including a shopkeeper, vendor, wholesaler, retailer, trader, hawker or salesmen shall use,’use and throwaway plastics’:

Provide that the plastic used for the following purposes are exempted

  • The plastic carry bags manufactured exclusively for export purpose against any export order in a plastic industry located in the special economic zone(SEZ) and export-oriented units(EOU)
  • The plastic bags which constitute or form an integral part of packaging in which goods are sealed prior to use at manufacturing/processing units.
  • The plastic bags and sheets used in forestry and horticulture nurseries against the orders from the government departments
  • The plastic used for packing of milk and milk products(dairy products), oil medicine and medical equipment.
  • Carry bags made from compostable plastics bearing a label”compostable” and conforming to the Indian standard: IS or ISO 17088:2008 titled as specifications for “compostable plastics”

2.(a) The commissioners in respect of the municipal corporations and the district collectors, in respect of the local areas other than municipal corporations shall ensure prevention of storage, supply, transport, sale, distribution and use of the above said plastic items;

(b) District environmental engineers shall ensure prevention of manufacturing of the above said plastic items

Explanation 1-“plastic” means a material which contains as an essential ingredient a high polymer such as polyethylene terephthalate, high-density polyethylene, Vinyl, low-density polypropylene, polystyrene resins,multi-materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyphenylene oxide, polycarbonate, polybutylene terephthalate

Explanation 2-“Use and throwaway plastic” means items such as plastic carry bags or plastic flags, plastic sheets used for food wrapping, spreading on dining table etc.plastic plates, plastic coated teacups, and plastic tumbler, water pouches and packets, plastic straw, irrespective of the thickness

Explanation 3-“plastic sheet” means sheet made of plastic.

Explanation 4– “carry bag” means  bag made from plastic material, used for the purpose of carrying or depending commodities which have a self-carrying feature but do not include a bag that constitutes or form an integral part of the packaging in which goods are sealed prior to use.

Explanation 5– The word “compostable plastic” means plastic that undergoes degradation by biological processes during composting to yield carbon dioxide water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with other known compostable materials, excluding conventional petro-based plastics, and does not leave visible distinguishable or toxic residue

FSSAI (Food Safety) License / Registration in Tamilnadu

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