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Consolidated GST E-way bill (EWB-02) is a single document that consists information of all the E-way bills related to the consignments. In case you are a transporter/ supplier who desires to delivery multiple consignments of products in a single conveyance or automobile, you may use the Consolidated E-way bill feature to be had at the E way bill portal.

Who can generate the consolidated e-way bill?

A transporter can generate the consolidated e-way bills for movement of multiple consignments in one vehicle.

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What is the validity of consolidated e-way bill?

Consolidated EWB is like a trip sheet and it contains details of different EWBs which are moving towards one direction, and these EWBs will have different validity periods.

Hence, Consolidated EWB is not having any independent validity period. However, individual consignment specified in the corresponding EWB in the Consolidated EWB should reach the destination as per its validity period of that individual EWB.

Steps for Generating Consolidated GST e-Way Bill:-

# STEP 1: After login on EWB Portal Select “Generate New” below “Consolidated EWB” option displaying on the lefthand side of EWB dashboard.

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# STEP 2: The following informations are required to be entered in this step:

1.Pick out ‘Mode’ of Transport- Rail/Road/Air/Ship

2.choose ‘From State’ from the drop down

3.In the ‘Vehicle starts From, subject enter the place from wherein the products are being transported.

4.Enter ‘Vehicle No.’ 5.Enter the EWB no. (relaxation of the fields are auto-populated primarily based on this)

Enter the informations and Click on ‘Submit’ After submitting, below screen appears:

E-way bill in Form EWB-02 with a unique 12 digit number is generated.

You can Print EWB-02 and carry this document for transporting the goods in the particular mode of transport and the selected conveyance.

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