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As mentioned earlier, now the trend is that 10 to 20% of students who pass out bachelors and masters in commerce go for CA/CWA/ MBA courses, rest 80% go for some software studies and search for a job. These software training institutions neither make them learn accounting or software in its fuller level. The end result is students find it extremely difficult to find a job and employers are also find it difficult to fulfill their accounting needs at a reasonable level. According to us to become a good accountant student should be experienced as follows


Expert concept knowledge and working knowledge. Here students taught grass root level understanding of debit and credit using real time instruments. In accounting understanding of ‘Debit –credit engineering’ plays vital role.


should be expert in two or three softwares, this will make him adapt to any software


the student should be aware of working knowledge in GST, income tax, TDS & TCS, ESI & PF, FSSAI (Food Safety) He should know, e filing, basic computation, and basic concepts.


SAVE MY TAX Academy made the syllabus taking care of all these points. For example we never teach software as it is, we make them work in a simulated model of day to day accounting of a firm, further in accounting we use actual bills, vouchers, payment challans, bank challans, etc for work. It is a fact that during graduation and masters studies, students never have an opportunity to understand and experience practical accounting. In our study system, we made a simulation model and students experience accounting by working in that model. As mentioned earlier, we use basic bills, vouchers, etc as basic inputs and software and manual accounting system as tools. This system makes the student understand grass route entry to finalization in a non breaking thread. This is the crux and basic difference we keep from other institutions.

In the software part, we taught following software:-

Tally (E.R.P.9).

Quick Books.


There are institutions which taught a number of accounting software. According to us, there is no need of studying more than two or three softwares. Because, software’s are tools to perform accounting task. In market there is infinite number of accounting softwares and each business unit may design their on accounting software. Our idea is to make student understand accounting first and to use software as an aid to perform accounting task. Further if one got that debit-credit engineering in hand he can perform in any accounting software. Our idea in selecting above mentioned software is

1. Tally ERP 9 – widely used in Tamilnadu, India and the middle east.

2. Quick books- widely used in India & the middle east

3. ClearTax- widely used in India.

Further curriculum development is fully under the supervision of experienced Chartered Accountants. as regards taxation, the curriculum was developed by both Chartered accountants and Advocates who practice tax.


We have an array of courses which specifically designed to meet the needs of students from commerce background and participants from other streams. These courses are designed to meet the specific needs of different job roles. currently, practicals need to be acquired for performing any profession. So we included Practical as part of each course

Sl.NoCourse NameCourse CodeEligibilityTotal DurationPracticalFees
1Advanced Business AccountingABAPlus two / Any Degree60 Hours50 HoursRs.8,500
2Professional GST PractitionerPGPPlus two / Any Degree60 Hours40 HoursRs.9,500
3Professional Tax PractitionerPTPPlus two / Any Degree90 Hours60 HoursRs.12,000
4Professional ESI & EPF ConsultantPECPlus two / Any Degree30 Hours10 HoursRs.7,500
5Professional FSSAI ConsultantPFCPlus two / Any Degree30 Hours20 HoursRs.7,500
6Tally ERP.9, Quick Books & ClearTaxSoftwarePlus two / Any Degree30 Hours30 HoursFREE

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